One thing to reduce stress in your career

Post Date: May 17th, 2010

Do you ever find yourself frustrated and feeling like your job isn't the best fit, yet don't have another position lined up?

It can be helpful to step back and regain focus and a sense of control in your current job.  Some questions to consider:

* What is your vision for your career, and how can your current position be a stepping-stone to that long term goal?

* What impact do you want to have in this current position?  

By focusing on what you can control, and seeing how you can leverage your current situation to your future goals can help alleviate frustration and increase job satisfaction, even as you're planning your exit strategy.  By taking these steps, you can serve your current company well, and leave a legacy of quality work.

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Communication – body language

Post Date: May 1st, 2010

I'm sure you've heard that when you communicate, your body language communicates more than your words.  If something is incongruent, people will believe what your body is saying over the words you speak.

Now that we have that awareness, what are you communicating?  Take a snapshot of yourself or look in the mirror.  What do you see?

Do you have open, friendly body language – relaxed, hands to side or arms crossed in front of you?

What expression are you making?  A friendly smile?  An annoyed frown? 

How is your posture?  Tall and confident or hunched over and small – as though you are trying to hide?

Small changes can make a huge difference in how you are perceived.  If you think there could be improvement in how you project yourself, trying practicing in front of the mirror and then into the real world.  Observe how people respond differently. 

Isn't the power of awareness empowering?!

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