Cool video on motivation – fun to watch!

Post Date: September 28th, 2010

Have you ever wonder what really motivates you/us? 

Daniel Pink, author of the book Drive shares that there are three factors.  He has an amazing video about 11 minutes long on YouTube ( ) that is really fun to watch. 

His insights could be powerful to keep in mind as part of your leadership and management style.  Also if you're feeling less than satisfied at work, how might you focus more on mastery and contribution both inside and outside the work place? 

While so many things can feel outside of our control, we always have the ability to choose our attitude and where we want to focus our intention while doing required tasks.  Likewise we have many options for contributing and mastering additional skills outside of work.  A hobby of studying French would help you master the language.  Volunteering with Habitat For Humanity would help you contribute to your community and those less fortunate, as well as develop carpentry skills that might be useful for fixing your own home.  And making connections with likeminded people could foster new friends. 

Do share your thoughts of the video!

To your success,

Gwyneth Anne

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Great book by Marshall Goldsmith: Mojo

Post Date: September 9th, 2010

Here we are in the ‘Back to School’ season with kids returning to their studies, and reorganizing our calendars and schedules.  It is often also a time for us to look forward and identify what we want to achieve this academic year now that the summer vacations are behind us.

So what are your goals?  Are you on track with what you had on your list January 1st?  Is it time to ramp things up?  Get additional support?  Or perhaps even take our goals up a notch?  If you’re not feeling inspired, perhaps your goals are too small.  What is the bigger impact you want to make?  What would have you feel completely inspired, energized and in fact so excited that you stop reading this email because you’re going to start taking action right now?

I just finished reading Marshall Goldsmith’s book “Mojo” and he talks about rating our activities based on different components as a way of revealing in a metric fashion if we’re full leveraging out time and energy.  You can get a sneak peak at ‘’. 

In the book he also talks about the power of having an accountability partner.  If you have someone to whom you have to ‘fess up to’ or ‘celebrate with’, that alone will significantly increase your probability of taking the actions that you really want to take, rather than letting the inertia of the current status quo keep its grip. 

What are the components of your work and personal life that give you both short term happiness and long term satisfaction?  How can you increase the portion of your day doing these activities?

What elements don’t give you either?  How can you reduce the time you spend here?

If you are interested in joining an ‘accountability group’, please email me with ‘accountability group’ in the subject line.  If you prefer personalized one-on-one support, please put ‘complementary consultation’ in the subject line. My email is



To your success,
Gwyneth Anne
Gwyneth Anne Freedman, PCC
Certified Career and Life Coach

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