What will you do with your last 6 weeks (of 2013)?

Post Date: November 19th, 2013

Can you believe we only have 6 weeks left in the year?

The years seem to fly by faster and faster.  What did you intend to accomplish in 2013?  Are you on track with your 2013 personal goals?  Professional goals?

Is there a home project you wanted to get done this year – perhaps before the holidays?

What is still cluttering your desk, not quite finished?

What would, if completed, have you feeling fantastic?

Consider setting aside a small chunk of time, twice a day to kickstart working on a project.  Research has shown that this trick helps us to overcome procrastinating getting started.  Once we start, we often dive in and get a lot more done than we thought we would.

The great news is that we still have 6 weeks to wrap up those key projects that will give us a great sense of accomplishment and create the results we were seeking when we put them on our New Year’s resolution list!

To your success,

Gwyneth Anne

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