Personal Journey Coaching

On a more personal note, Gwyneth Anne Freedman…


    • Is curious about and respects all cultures, and hence enjoys working with clients from various cultures and working in new cultures
    • Believes we are all equal and enjoys learning from diverse perspectives
    • Believes in continuous learning and expanding ‘comfort zones’
    • Has a passion for creating ‘aha moments’ for both herself and her clients

With a coaching style that clients have described as “open, positive, highly supportive and empowering”, Gwyneth Anne draws from over twenty years of professional experience in large, medium and start-up companies, where she held management positions including Director of Human Resources.

Mission To provide the support, perspective and structure that enables clients to break habits and change perspectives that are no longer supporting them, and act as a catalyst to shift and create new perspectives and habits opening new options for them to realize their goals and ideal life. Also to facilitate clients developing new skills and insights to thrive in their new environment.

Client Testimonial:  “Gwyneth Anne has made a tremendous impact on my life. It is through her help that I have the confidence I need and new skills to help me along the way.  I look forward to achieving the success I now know without a doubt I can achieve.”