Career and Intentions – Are You On Track?

Post Date: March 20th, 2013

Are you on track?

Here we are already mid-way through March and at the beginning of a new season.

What a great time to step back and have another look at our New Year’s intentions.  Are you on track with the career goals you set for yourself?  What might you tweak to create a system or structure to help achieve your next milestone?

I must confess, one of my personal goals that has not yet become a habit is yoga.  I had the intention at the beginning of the year to add at least one full session of yoga a week to round out my exercise regime.  While I do spend some time stretching every day, I still want to add yoga to build a stronger physical foundation with deeper stretching, strengthening and increasing balance.

So what to do?  There’s the saying ‘what isn’t on the calendar doesn’t get done’.  So here’s my plan: put yoga on my calendar.  Also, to put it on the calendar earlier in the week, so if an unavoidable conflict comes up, I still have time in the week to ensure I instill the habit.  (In fact, I just put it as a “recurring appointment” on my calendar at two different times during the week.)

Are you on track with your career and personal goals?

Where are you on trackspring flowers?  (Congratulations!)

What small shift can you make to get back on track with those which have slid under the radar?

Please post what shifts you will make, as they can give ideas and inspire others!  Thank you!

As always feel free to reach out if you’re feeling stuck.

Happy spring!

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Showing the Love this Valentine’s Day

Post Date: February 13th, 2013

Red Heart on Red Background

While we often don’t think about the work place on Valentine’s Day, it can be a great day to “Show The Love” as they say in sales.

Why not take a moment to appreciate your boss.  What do you most appreciate about him/her as it pertains to your career?  Do they have your back?  Let you take risks and expand your skill set?  Work on projects to give you visibility to new areas of your company?

How might you recognize your employees?  Perhaps they always have a good attitude which creates a pleasant work environment?  Are they “steady hands” which keep plugging a long, not doing anything particularly special but are so crucial to keeping things running smoothly?

And what about your peers?  Do they have a great sense of humor which makes it fun to come to work?  Share what’s going on in their areas of responsibility to “keep you in the know”?  Are nice lunch companions, helping you to decompress mid-day and able to come back refreshed and able to focus?

Consider sharing words of appreciation with those who surround you day-in and day-out, and see what happens!

If you take the challenge, please post what you experience.

To your success,

Gwyneth Anne

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Interview with Career Tips

Post Date: December 12th, 2012

I wanted to share with you an article written by Dan Kaus when he interviewed me last week.

Here’s a link to the article which includes a few tips when you’re writing your resume and preparing for an interview.

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Definition of Sales, and leadership?

Post Date: July 9th, 2012

Great definition of sales by Dan Sullivan (and perhaps leadership if it pertains also to the organization): “Selling is getting someone intellectually engaged in a future result that is good for them, and getting them to emotionally commit to take action to achieve that result.”

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Midpoint Check-in

Post Date: July 3rd, 2012

Here we are now just past the half way mark of 2012 – where did the time go?!
Now is a great time for a mid-year check-in.
Are you on track with your 2012 goals? New Year’s resolutions?

If so, congratulations and keep the momentum going!
If not, what skills will help you ramp up your job performance?

What two or three new habits would create a significant difference in your personal and professional results?

For example, clients often find the habit taking a few minutes first thing in the morning to identify the top 2-3 goals that would have the greatest ROI is time well invested. This habit creates focus and leads to a higher probability that you will achieve those goals.

Take a moment and review your goals: career, health, personal development, relationship, etc. What one action can make a nice shift during the second half of the year?

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For a limited time… self improvement gifts

Post Date: January 23rd, 2012

Just a quick note  – looking for some quick tools for helping you with your New Year’s resolutions?

Here’s a link to hundreds of resources!

Check it out at

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Co-authored Finding Connection and Meaning in Your Work for 2012

Post Date: December 22nd, 2011

I was interviewed by Tony Deblauwe, Founder of HR4Change, and co-wrote an article with tips For Finding Connection and Meaning at Your Work. Find the full article at:

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Tips for Meaningfully Connecting During Holidays

Post Date: November 23rd, 2011

Can you believe we are already into the holiday season?  I have no idea where the year has gone! 

This time of year provides many opportunities for visiting with family and friends not often seen throughout the year.  To deepen those relationships, instead of talking about the 'weather', consider what open-ended questions you might ask to learn what is most important to them right now, as it may have changed since you last spoke. 

  What is catching their attention?  

  What are they looking forward to?  

  What are they proud of having accomplished during this past year? 

Consider sharing what you’re excited about whether it pertains to work, a hobby or with family.  What have you learned recently, and could share, that they may find intriguing or useful?  

Please share your tips for making meaningful connections! 


In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I am particularly thankful for the privilege of working with bright, thoughtful, forward moving clients. One of the great pleasures in my life is when a client has a breakthrough insight or accomplishment.  

I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving and holiday season filled with many meaningful moments. 

To your success, 

Gwyneth Anne

Gwyneth Anne Freedman, PCC  408.246.7427

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The Power of Curiosity

Post Date: September 9th, 2011


During the indecision in Congress, as the August 2nd date came up, and as the stock market took at roller coaster ride, I found myself getting caught up and feeling distressed.  I was frustrated and was feeling that Congress was focusing on ‘what’s in it for them’ rather than helping our country become stronger.  Then as the stock market started taking a roller coaster ride, I was getting fearful that we’d have yet a 3rd huge loss in a dozen years with our investments. 

I was also invited to speak at a human resources event.  I was embarrassed that I would be speaking on work/life balance and how to manage stress, when mine was peaking. 

So I stepped back to become more of an observer.  I thought ‘ok, what can I control / do?’ Well, I could write to Congress and see if I could influence them.  I could also look at our investments and long term strategy and decide if it would make sense to shift anything around.  I also decided that I could change my attitude. So after deciding on what I could control, I decided to think back to my college majors of psychology and sociology and chose to look at the whole fiasco as a sociological experiment, and to be inquisitive.  I wondered ‘how long will Congress take to make a decision? How close to the Aug 2nd date will they wait? How will the stock market react to the economic changes and perceptions around the world?… .’ 

What I found was that when I came from a place of curiosity, my fear evaporated!  I couldn’t be truly curious and fearful at the same time!  What a powerful insight!

As I wrote up my workshop on work-life balance, I included these thoughts.  So often my stress is about managing my energy and my attitude.  I had the participants identify their ‘tolerations’ and look for patterns and shifts that could help them address and/or eliminate them now and forever.  I asked them to become curious because curiosity allowed them to be more open and flexible in how they perceived their list and to find solutions they may not have previously considered.  I asked them to partner with a classmate and for them to be curious together as they reviewed each other’s lists identifying patterns of behavior and the shifts to empower themselves. 

As I also implemented this shift in myself I decreased my stress, increased my energy and came from a place of empowerment.  I invited you to experiment with this concept of coming from a place of curiosity, and please write and share your insights and experience!

To your success,

Gwyneth Anne Freedman 

© 2011 – 2014 Personal Journey Coaching All Rights Reserved

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Feeling stressed out?

Post Date: August 8th, 2011

Consider switching to being curious. 

I don’t know about you, but when congress was bickering and not coming to a timely resolution about the US budget, and in ensuing weeks of uncertainty that followed, I was feeling pretty stressed out.  Part of the stress was feeling out of control, part was not knowing how to best position personal finances, and then there was being annoyed by the whole stalemate. 

It didn’t take long to realize that this reaction wasn’t helpful.  After making financial decisions and doing all I could do where I did have control, I decided to come from a place of curiosity instead of distress.  I began to look on as an observer of a sociological experiment.  How would congress behave? What would their timing be for reaching a decision?  What would be the fallout?  While I can’t say that I’m pleased with how things have panned out so far to date, I can say that making this shift to being a curious observer did help my overall well being. 

Did you know that when we’re curious, we can’t also be annoyed, fearful, anxious, etc. in that same moment?  It’s like trying to laugh and be angry at the same time.  They emotions are incongruent.  When we’re curious, we’re open.  When we’re fearful we’re closed. 

Try it out for yourself.  And please share with me your experience…  I’m curious.  

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