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Are you

Newly promoted to DIRECTOR level?


taken on NEW RESPONSIBILITIES due to a reorganization or new job?


Don’t want to let on that maybe you don’t have it all figured out?This is exact time to work with a coach to:

  • Increase clarity and confidence with your new responsibilities
  • Become more comfortable with broader responsibilities, in addition to being a content expert
  • Expand and know how to use which communication styles based on your audience:                                                         your employees, new peers, executives…
  • Learn effective time management / self management skills and techniques
  • Define/refine and develop your leadership style
  • Define and develop the professional reputation
  • Create your legacy


  • Clarify what makes your job meaningful and fulfilling
  • Explore possible new career paths
  • Update your resume to make it focused and relevant
  • Learn a structured system for gathering insightful information on potential career(s)
  • Create cover letters to show how your past experience is relevant and transferable to your new pursuit
  • Practice interview skills
  • Create/define long term goals and strategies for career growth

Stay on Track

  • Not getting enough support from upper management?
  • Getting lost in the tactical work and not getting around to strategic thinking?
  • Not prioritizing or working on the 20% that will give you the 80% return?

Work with a coach to stay focused and on track to meet, or better yet, exceed your performance objectives.

Ready to get started? The next step is to call (408 . 246 . 7427) / email (  today to schedule your complimentary consultation.

Client Testimonial: I had a number of tasks that I wanted to address and accomplish with regards to my career. Gwyneth assisted me in helping me to prioritize those tasks and guided me to address them in the appropriate order. Gwyneth helped me stay on track without being pushy.

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