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Life Evaluation

  • Know your starting point:Get a snapshot overview of 9 areas of your life
  • Gain clarity on what you need to have in place to be your best and do your best work
  • Identify what brings you the most sense of fulfillment
  • Eliminate what’s sapping your energy
  • Identify where you excel
  • Clarify where you want to go:Create your vision, mission and purpose statements

Seeking New Direction?  Continue on:

  • Brainstorm options/possibilities (this could be career or life in general)
  • Explore / Research
  • Narrow the scope
  • Identify how to leverage your strengths
  • Move past fears and obstacles
  • In-depth Exploration / Research
  • Develop plan of action and habits to move towards your vision/goals
  • Implement your action plan

Client Testimonial:“Gwyneth Anne is excellent at listening to all that I say and hearing not only what I’m actually saying, but also at translating it into clear, concise language that I understand, and helping me see what my the next step should be.”

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