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(As confidentiality is part of the coaching relationship, only clients’ initials and general geographic locations are disclosed.)

“Gwyneth Anne has been an excellent professional coach to me and members of my team for several years. She is the first one I think of when a need arises for coaching. I engaged Gwyneth Anne in a formal, regular coaching relationship over this past year for my own professional development and found her to be an invaluable resource of wisdom, insights, and necessary structure. Gwyneth Anne is very easy to talk to, warm and down to earth.

“She’s either an expert note-taker or has an incredible memory because she is really good at capturing key thoughts and returning to them much later for context. I especially enjoyed her knack for taking seemingly unrelated observations and pulling them together to suggest they could support a new insight. Many times I would pause and say, “wow! I never realized that all of that was connected, but yes… you’re right about that!”.

“After Gwyneth Anne got to know me well, I found that she became very effective at leading me to my own conclusions, which came with a great sense of ownership that served me well. And, just as I had asked her to at the beginning, she knew when to push me and I really appreciated this. Gwyneth Anne was instrumental to the professional growth I’ve experienced this past year and I feel strongly I would not have stretched myself as far without her.

“I plan to continue to look to her for guidance in the future.”  

J. R. [CA]

“Coaching has enabled me to step back from a 10-year career, and explore new directions for growth. It provided me with a set of effective tools to conduct this exploration. It created dedicated time to perform this work. It would have been too easy to let my day-to-day activities eat up all my time. More importantly, it provided me with a supportive highly professional partner committed to help me get the most out of this unique opportunity for transformation.

Coaching helped me weave new inquiry and self-examination practices into my life from which I continue to grow and become a happier person!!
Gwyneth Anne’s style is open, positive, highly supportive, and empowering. Her exercises helped me try new things, address and overcome deep-seated fears. They helped me examine parts of my life, attitudes, or practices that were obscuring my natural talents.

Since I began coaching I have become a better partner to myself. I am better able to appreciate my natural gifts. I have learned to be gentler with myself. I have grown to respect my personal needs and incorporate them into my career goals. It has been about reconciling seemingly contradictory aspirations and becoming a more wholesome person. What a change from where I was a few months ago!

Are you ready to explore new growth opportunities? Are you open to self-examination? If so, you will find Gwyneth Anne’s coaching to be a fantastic way to efficiently engage in your quest. It has been a tremendous asset for me.”

D. D. [CA]

Coaching is only as good as your client wants to be coached! 

“I have been partnering with Gwyneth Anne Freedman from Personal Journey Coaching. Since I started with her over 10 years ago it has been a very exciting and positive journey through my life. One of the things that I admire about her is that she is not telling me at every single session how handsome I am and that she feels sorry for me for all my shortcomings. She has become a key person in my life. She is asking me the hard questions, for example: what are your goals and what would you like to accomplish? She also emphasizes that I am responsible for my own actions. So we have, on a regular basis, our positive sessions.
She was instrumental in supporting me in starting Life Motivation.

To all coaches: my recommendation is to aim at being as genuine as Gwyneth Anne. I never suspected how much I would get when I hired her! ”  

R. J. [Europe]

“The best thing about Gwyneth Anne’s coaching is that she is an excellent listener. I tend to be the sort of person who is all over the map when I’m talking about what’s going on with me and the challenges I’m facing, and she is excellent at listening to all that I say and hearing not only what I’m actually saying, but also at translating it into clear, concise language that I understand, and helping me see what my the next step should be. She trusts her intuition, and when she tells me her insights, it’s always been helpful to me. She has a friendly and kind demeanor that always makes me feel comfortable. And her sense of humor makes the coaching fun. I’m privileged to have been able to have her as a coach.”

R. S. [NY]

Recently the VP of my small group of 30 at a very large company of 100,000 announced that we were going to spin-out of the parent company and form a separate company based solely on the product we were working on. Although I believed sincerely in the technology of the product I was working on, and I had been at this company for 18 years, I needed to look around to weigh my options. Within in a few months I had an offer with a promotion and a 20% increase in salary. Now I was really in a predicament! I decided that I needed some help in making this very important decision so I called Gwyneth Anne Freedman of Personal Journey Coaching. I am very happy I did because she coached me through the tough process of determining what questions to ask prospective employers, how to talk to my current management, what questions to ask myself and in the end she helped me gain a clearer understanding of what I was really looking for out of a job, besides good pay. I am currently enjoying life with a 24% increase in salary at the start-up company that was once a very small part of a very big company thanks to the expert coaching I received from Gwyneth Anne at Personal Journey Coaching.

C. W. [CA]

“… Our discussions were very helpful. At the very least I learned to adjust my communication style in difficult situations to better meet the needs of my staff.”

S. K. [CA]

“I had the extraordinary pleasure of being coached by Gwyneth Anne. She has helped me clean house on a lot of issues ranging from career, purpose in life and accomplishing my goals. I spent 6 months using her services and during the process I clearly saw an improvement in accomplishing my objectives and also acquiring a sense of purpose. She has a great style of coaching and is a great listener and communicator. After her sessions, I see a clear path in my life full of potential and most importantly, a world of opportunities.”

J.L. [CA]

“My most adorable coach, I cannot tell you how much you have helped me in such a short time to become a better and more confident person. We only started only a few months ago and I feel, at the age of 50, I have learned so much about myself in three months than in rest of my life.

The areas you have helped me in is THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK, the idea had been presented to me in many different ways since I have been growing up but the way you nailed it is what stuck with me. The magic word you gave me is PAUSE. It has helped me improve my relationship with my family, friends and co-workers and even strangers.

Another problem area in my life has been that I have been a careful spender being a single mom and I was made to feel bad by my family and friends that I am STINGY. But when I explained the way I treat them, you came up with a word FRUGAL and that was huge. Imagine having a hang up of being stingy and now loving myself more for being Frugal.

I could go on and on but they say brevity is virtue so in my final note I just want to say that you have impressed me so much by your high sense of INTEGRITY. The time when you were in an accident and called me from the road to postpone a phone appointment, that is just not heard of. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to let me love myself more and feel stronger to face this dog-eat-dog world.”

S. K. [CA]

From my first conversation with Gwyneth Anne, I felt a powerful connection and knew that no matter what I said, Gwyneth Anne would “get it.” And get it she did! Immediately after our first conversation, I went from zero to 60 in 50 minutes, and haven’t stopped since. In less than six months, Gwyneth Anne helped me identify and answer myriad questions, act on my new discoveries, brainstorm and overcome challenges, and – this is the best part – I began achieving results!

Gwyneth Anne has a way of simultaneously peeking inside the brain and the heart, assessing what she sees, and then asking the question that links the two. As a result of my short time working with Gwyneth Anne. I experienced more “Aha!” moments than I ever imagined – not to mention the concrete progress I made in reaching and surpassing my goals.

Gwyneth Anne is a personal cheerleader, a professional listener and question-asker, and, when required, the “gentle push” we all need from time to time.

S. V. [CA]

“Gwyneth Anne asks really good questions, ones that help me get to the core of my issues. The thing that makes her unique among those who ask good questions – and those people are few and far between – is her soft energy, which is reflected in her tone of voice. I feel acceptance rather than intrusiveness.

In short, I am comfortable discussing issues that push my buttons with her, and I leave those discussions feeling that I’m making progress rather than getting more deeply mired down. I know that I can go to her for good coaching and wise counsel.”

E. H. [CA]

“Coaching is not something I had thought much about until I attended the PBWC conference. While walking around, speaking to different vendors I came across a group whose purpose was to help individuals achieve their goals through coaching.

This is how I met Gwyneth Anne and it has changed my life. She has the ability to put you at ease by creating an environment that is positive, creative, safe, supportive and fun. Through her coaching I have learned to take chances, network successfully with individuals who can help me in achieving my goals while pointing me in the right direction, and to be much more confident in my own abilities.

Her exercise in creating a vision, mission, and purpose statement was exactly what I needed to help me figure out what direction I wanted to go in and I am now working towards a new career in a totally different job field. I have found out where my true passion lies and what motivates me.

Without Gwyneth Anne’s help, it would have taken me a lot longer to get to where I want to go. She has made a tremendous impact on my life. It is through her help that I have the confidence I need and new skills to help me along the way. I look forward to achieving the success I now know without a doubt I can achieve.”

R. L. [CA]

“Gwyneth Anne is a wonderful coach. She probes, motivates, challenges, and offers a wide variety of ideas and possibilities, all with the most soothing tone of voice! I made so much progress while working with her, and would recommend her to anyone who wants a practical and encouraging approach to coaching. Thanks, Gwyneth Anne!”

T. C. [TX]

“When I started working with Gwyneth, I had a number of tasks that I wanted to address and accomplish with regards to my career. Gwyneth assisted me in helping me to prioritize those tasks and guided me to address them in the appropriate order. Gwyneth helped me stay on track without being pushy. Gwyneth was encouraging and challenged me to think in other ways and about other things that I had not previously considered. Gwyneth has a positive and encouraging demeanor. I enjoyed having Gwyneth as my coach.”

A. J. [CA]

“During my two-month coaching experience with Gwyneth Anne, I found her observations to be insightful and her questions challenging. Her sense of humor is infectious and her caring demeanor endearing. As a result, I experienced accelerated growth equivalent to one year in a relatively short period of time.

S. P. [CA]

“Gwyneth Anne’s direction and support as a life coach provided me with the base and tools that helped me to achieve two major life transitional goals, as well as clarifying, prioritizing and incorporating my values into my goals and daily life experience.

Her compassion, knowledgeable direction and wisdom provided a support from which to build and follow through with the successful achievement of increasing my monthly income by 30% through securing a job that directly relates to my passion. I have a degree in the fine arts and with Gwyneth Anne’s support and direction I was able to secure a job with a museum; as a result I now work in an environment that I am passionate about and relates to my values and education.

In addition to accomplishing this major transitional goal, I also had an opportunity to gain time management skills that have contributed to daily efficiency that continues to provide me with the chance to accomplish existing goals and work towards new ones. Some of the things I had always been procrastinating on have become part of a weekly schedule. For example, I now exercise weekly and have just completed my first 5k run with great results and am presently training for an 8k. In a similar manner I am building on and achieving existing goals working towards new ones. With Gwyneth Anne I had a support system that sponsored these accomplishments and provided the necessary feedback and direction to develop very specific successes with relation to my values. It is with great enthusiasm and encouragement that I recommend Gwyneth Anne as a life coach. Her commitment and professionalism matched with her true talent and insight provides wisdom and a new perspective on the successful accomplishment of challenges and goals. She has a very special perspective as well as a sense of humor that really makes the whole process fun and enriching.”

A.B. [CA]

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