Tips for Increasing Productivity

Post Date: February 25th, 2016

Having just finished reading The Productivity Project: Accomplishing more by managing your time, attention, and energy by Chris Bailey, thought I’d share with you a few of his insights.  Consider buying his book or borrowing it from the library to learn more!

Some interesting tips to consider:

  • From David Allen – have a “waiting for” list – a list for jotting down all the things you are waiting for. Such as items you’ve ordered online, information or an action from a colleague, a payment from a client, etc.
  • “Parkinson’s law” – work expands to fit the time you have available for it. To increase focus, shorten the time, accomplish it faster!
  • Track your time throughout the day. Rate your energy level for working on various projects every half an hour for a week or two.  When are you most energized for the most important areas of your work.  For example: Being creative?  Analytical?  Strategic? When do you have the lowest energy and when it would be most productive to do low energy work such as checking emails, data input, or even going outside for a walk?
  • Chris found when he worked 20 hours or 90 hours a week, he only got a bit more done in 90 hours than 20! Yikes!  Consider when you have the energy and ability to focus throughout the day and work on important projects during those key hours.
  • “Disable” distractions for chunks of time to allow for focused thinking. Turn off email / text notification, move the phone to a different room, work at a place where you can’t be found.
  • Multitask physical tasks, not mental ones. No checking email while on the phone (both require mental attention), but do run the washing machine while listening to music and cooking dinner (physical tasks).
  • Meditate to clear your mind, allowing you to better focus the rest of the day.

What are you favorite tips that increase your productivity? Would love to hear!

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